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On this blog we will share with you the updates on how our project is going and we invite you to follow our blog if you want to help us bring about some change in this world.

First, let me introduce our multinational project team:

Yuxin TONG – ChinaIMG_0175

Yifei LIU – China

Claudia PFAFFENLEHNER – Austria

Joelle-Désirée KOULIBALY –
Cote d’Ivoire

Axelle Maelle JIEMDJIM TAGNY  –

Cynthia RADA – India

Zeineb BETTAIEB – Tunisia

So, what are we actually trying to do and why??

In the course of Sustainable Performance at SKEMA Business School we were asked to tackle some of the big sustainability problems of the world. We need to create a challenge to bring together people who want the problem to be solved on the one hand and people who have ideas on how to solve it on the other hand.

We recognized the problem of sub-standard and unsustainable living conditions for people living in slums. When babies die because they are overexposed to heat in their first days of life, people die of diseases related to bad hygiene and live in an insecure environment, there is a problem that needs to be tackled!!

We believe that by making small changes in the slum environment, such as for example establishing sanitary facilities, improving slum houses and organizing waste in the community, a big change in quality of life can be achieved for the whole community. Therefore, we are creating a challenge!!

What we need to do:

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We will keep you up-to-date about the project on this blog and on 18th November it will go online on the Oslantis website.

So if you want to share in our effort to tackle this problem, please share the word and our blog!!